Paul McGinn, CEO

With a background in finance and accounting, Paul has worked in the mobile tower industry for over 20 years, bringing unrivaled leadership skills and a depth of tower knowledge to Vertical Bridge. Paul was the CEO of CiG Wireless Corporation for over three years and successfully merged CiG into Vertical Bridge.  Prior to CiG, he founded and led TCP Communications as its CEO, bringing it to a successful sale with a portfolio of over 250 towers. In the early years, he worked for SBA Communication as Director of Acquisitions. As an entrepreneur and business leader, Paul has successfully built and developed numerous businesses in the real estate and retail arena before making the cell tower industry the focus of his career.


Tyler Kratz, Founder & Head of Business Development

Tyler founded DAS Communications, the predecessor to NCN, in 2011.  Prior to founding NCN, Tyler was a sole principal engaged in buying, leasing, selling and assigning wireless spectrum at one point controlling over 250,000,000 MHz/POPs.  Tyler oversaw the construction of wireless systems on limited amounts of this spectrum in different parts of the US and still maintains spectrum holdings and operating networks.  Prior to his work in the telecommunications industry, Tyler practiced securities law and acted as an analyst in the investment banking and hedge fund sectors.  Tyler is member of the California and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Bars and is a charterholder of the CFA distinction.